Thursday, November 5, 2015

Slipper Thrown At Former NSA MK Narayanan in Chennai

Slipper throwing has become a fashion in the recent  decades in countries. This act will not bring any justice but a cheep popularity to such bad person who spoil the Value of the Nation. 

 Hear we must remember one thing . for sending IPKF from India to Sri Lanka to Pacify both the LTTE and the Sri Lankan Government was a move by Late Prime Minister Mr.Rajiv gandhi. 

Late Prime Minister Mr.Rajiv gandhi was brutally killed by Tamil Militant Group LTTE persons was the record. India as a country still maintain peace and patience on Sri Lankan Government and Tamils in Sri Lanka. In Fact Government of India and Political parties in India started serving help to Tamil People  after Genocide. 

In Fact after Genocide Mr.Mahinda Rajpakse worked in Election Campaign as a common Man and Sri Lanka did not found any Brutal acts or savage acts from India in any manner against Him. 

This is enough once again India established that India is a Country working for Love and Peace in the world. But a Small Country Sri Lanka could not to do similar is really painful to Humane.

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