Thursday, November 5, 2015

Frankly Speaking With Amit Shah | Full Interview

Frankly speaking in my view Mr.Amit shah is not a right Leader to lead BJP as its Party President,so With the present tenure ends Mr.Amitshah must step down to allow other young and energetic BJP Leader's to work very well. This is a need and my strong recommendation.

 as BJP President when Federation of Lorry Transport in India did strike were informing that Mr.Nitin Gadkari is the owner of 4 Tollgates in Press and Media Mr.Amit shah must reacted to know the Truth in the Matter/information . also As BJP President he could have released that who all the Politician's in India own Tollgate owner ship must have been listed and must have been brought to the information of people of India who believe BJP Government by mr.Modi!!!. 

In TAMIL NADU Many good educated politician's in BJP EXISTS. WHY AS A PARTY POLICY indulging Mr.Muralidhar Rao  to Politics of Tamil Nadu to develop BJP and promote policies of BJP. this is a wrong move !. Person of a State can be a well Learned to rule the state Politics and should not be a Person from Andhra to Tamil Nadu to operate BJP and Person from Tamil Nadu Mr.L.Ganesan to Kerala and Karnataka!!. for this wrong act Mr.Amit shah to retire from BJP President Position!. yes.This is my recommendation.

To Lead 125 crore people BJP must allow educated and energetic person to lead instead of a person who is a friend to Mr.Modi!!!? is my strong recommendation. If RSS continue to allow Mr.Amit shah for the next term to lead the Party as President than it would be a foolish Move by RSS!!!!

B J P must aim to show the Congress and its Original leaders who all worked in Freedom struggle!.BJP must not work behind the door to safe guard Nehru Family People and must not try to establish are the Only Leaders to lead Congress .

Mahatma Gandhi  could have called the attention of Indians from Kashmir to Kanyakumari of that time to Oppose the Division of India arranged by Mr.Jawaharlal Nehru and Mr.Mohammed Ali jinnah. If Gandhi Called than that could have been a real revolution in India in freedom Struggle. Why to allow British Government to Divide India?

Just because Mr.Mohammed Ali Jinnah arranged the First Stage arrangement's to Welcome and receive Mr.Mahatma Gandhi while LANDING IN INIDA FROM SOUTH AFRICA?after this Mr.Jinnah sincerely worked in Congress and Muslim League headed by him was a movement and suddenly in 1947 it was tuned and changed as a Political Move divided India,why?. why Mahatma Gandhi allowed this is still in doubt? what Pressure made Mahatma Gandhi not to allow any of his family relatives /blood relatives to live in India ?This question is still unanswered by any Politician of this world

Alright ,why the world leaders and Press and Media this include's which put's the news first ,why not objected when Mrs.Indira Priya Dharshini ,only daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru has been repeatedly told/informed in press and media as Indira "Gandhi". This is a wrong Move to exploited Indians is a truth

Above all ,when Press and Media started referring  Mrs.Indira "Gandhi" as "Mrs.Gandhi "in Head Lines in all News till she lived was a wrong Note exploited People of the World. Why including BBC.Com not discussed or had a hard talk on this? Mrs.Kasthuri Bhai Gandhi  being the wife of Mahatma Gandhi should have been referred as Mrs.Gandhi as the ultimate right.."Mrs.Gandhi " as Title used by Press and Media of that time to refer Mrs.Indira Priya darshini /Mrs.Indira Gandi (gandi is a Persian community in Persia and Gandhi is a Community is a community at Gujarat.) was a clear exploitation to the Human world. This show's Human ethics dead!!!?.

In My belief Mr.Amit shah good enough to BJP and  not to its commitment's in 2014 General election's. 

Award returning is not a right process by educated ,Those awards were awarded to them by Congress and if they like to return let them and it is a shame to Congress first than to India,and in ultimate they are not interested in Values of India in the world. This act of returning awards can not be treated as a mistake by BJP Government is my view.  
If they think that BJP is not working on the right path than let them use their pen which is a strong weapon to demolish the image of BJP in INDIA IS RIGHT IS MY OPINION.

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