Monday, November 7, 2016

a message to Americans Mr.Hillary clinton is not courageous to face Tasks ,so that Mr.Obama working for MrsHillary Clinton till 7 - 11- 2016.

on following strength Mr.Donald J Trump will be victorious


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Mrs.Hillary Clinton Strength is -she is a woman. Now on date in the prevailing safety situations and reasons  this is the prime weakness to Her to become President? is my view.

World countries working to avoid 3rd World War, now electing a woman as President of United states ,Just because she has been recommended by Mr.Barack Obama the present and out going President of United States is can not be a right choice to People of United states and to the world. so Americans  will not favour Mrs.Hillary clinton

More over she held foreign ministry and other valuable designations in White House were not provided any attractive and positive resulted results to United States.

Now Mr.Donald J Trump is the right choice  to Americans and as well as to all countries.  Mr.Trump being the richest possibility of corruptions in the Governance could be very very low. This is good to Americans.

Trump is  a white Man category. so this is good to Americans.

For example if Hillary clinton is elected than immediately she will start her support Pakistan and start disturbing India is to be a concern to Indians.

This is the first chance to Mr.Donald Trump to take charge and to work at White House where as Mrs.Hillary Clinton worked already in the White House but not performed up to the Mark so that today a strong competent is on race is the open availability reason to all.

Americans are very wise and will vote to Mr.Donald J Trump to become their 45th President at White House. This will certainly happen why because when I say a prediction it is assured one in the world. This you can analyse from my earlier predictions available in my blog post at in

Electing Mr.Donald J Trump is a valid way to postpone/ban  a world war. 

American's will not follow the words of Mr.Barack Obama through campaigns. 

This is the first time in United states a President candidate is influenced and supported by all forces by an out going President of America. This is surprising and a Bad approach. 
Campaigns of Mr.Barack Obama clearly declares as a self explanatory that individually or as independent Mrs.Hillary Clinton is not up to the Mark to become president of United States is the Open Message available in Press and Media and in campaign back up till 7 - 11- 2016 though 44th President who ruled America for complete 8 years,

also it is a message to Americans Mr.Hillary clinton is not courageous to face Tasks ,so that Mr.Obama working for MrsHillary Clinton till 7 - 11- 2016.This is a shameful act to presidential candidate is my feeling.

So Americans on these valid reasons will vote to Mr.Donald J Trump on 8 - 11 - 2016 and in my Humble view and reasons and opinion Mr.Donald J Trump will be the 45th President of United States

Thanks for reading this posts by Americans.

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