Thursday, March 10, 2016

Italy,America and London will face Major Fire Broke out and Damages could be very High.very Big World Disaster is a PossibilityWHAT COULD HAPPEN IN 2016 ?

April - May 

Java ,Sumatra Islands

Very Big  Blast  from sky on the Earth is a possibility.

Plane Accident is a Possibility in April 2016.

If war Happens in Particular religious shrines in Israel and Iraq were get major damages is unavoidable. so Please. 

North Korea will become Super Power. 

America and France and Germany will slip down from Super Power is Unavoidable bad situation could  be witnessed in these course of time in 2016. In fact China will get badly affected Nation due to Heavy Storm and Earth quake. But It will Try to Rule America and its Economy for a decade is a possibility.

United Kingdom will face the Death of Monarchical Ruler in this Year. Communal Clashes will take place often in London or in U.K.

Major level of Damages in Pakistan including Human Loss.

In India

 in Gujarat  very big Protest will turn to Religious clash.

Low Pressure Cyclone will create Unbelievable Level of Damages in 
Odisha State and in Andhra Pradesh  State in india.

May - 15th June 2016

Huge Air Dust Storm/cyclone in Foreign countries will block the Air Travel across the world ,could be more than 10 days.

In India in tamil Nadu Mountains in at Salem Area in tamil Nadu will get affected Badly.

Sea water level will rise to very High,Earth quake,due to that water in flow to sea are the  possibility in these 30 days.

in particular in North India Huge Human Loss could be due to a type of Disease . Heavy Rain shelling can be seen in Rajasthan in India.(Desert Area).

Madurai in Tamil Nadu will get affected .

Sri Lanka will have Huge damages.

June - 15th July 2016

Italy , America, London.

Huge level of Rain shelling at sea for more than 5 Days  is a possibility.

In Pune and Mumbai in India Huge Disturbance due to accidents and Protests.

In Chennai once again Huge Flood  or other type Damages are the possibility.

Hill stations will deliver high level of chillness.

In Sea Waves on Full Moon Day and New Moon day could raise to Huge Hight like Tsunami(about an Hight of 20 feet ) and Chennai must be very cautious. flood - a possibility.

 Karnataka state will face Huge Damages .

In Andhra Pradesh Accidents to a cruel level - a possibility.

Poison gas will on the Earth in this Month.
Kalpakkam will face Damages. 

16th July to 15th August 

Thunder will fall in sea. 

in Europe,Middle east countries ,In United States major accidents could take place.
Earth quake in Up country is a possibility.
Fire broke out in Thirupathi Forest in Andhra Pradesh is a possibility.
war between Pakistan and India at Kashmir Border is a possibility.
Unknown element will flow in the sea could treated as a threat to the world.
Earth quake in Andaman Island is a Possibility.
Major Rail accident is a Possibility.

Ramanathapuram could be affected very very Badly.Resulting Rameshwaram area may go in to the Sea.

Sri lanka will face huge Cyclone and Damages could be Unmeasurable level. Sea Level will Go Up Drastically.

16th August to 15th September

Waves in sea at  highest . Bangladesh will face Very Huge Damages.
War between Pakistan and India at Border will be at serious level.
Cuddalore will face Heavy rain shelling resulting could be flood.
Communal Clashes and very Big protests and issues at Uttar Pradesh  ,Madhya Pradesh and Varanasi  could be a possibility. 
Chennai will face brutal accidents. 
A spectacular surprise in the Earth is a possibility.

September to December

Heavy rain shelling will result flood in rivers across the world will cause  Unlimited Damages .

In Particular about 70% of Land part of Ceylon or Srilanka will go in to the Sea.
Major land part of Andaman Island ,Rameshwaram ,Vedaranyam,Tuticorin ,Kanyakumari will be Dragged  by Heavy Waves about 20 feet hight in sea. More than 7 Cyclone or storm is a possibility and result the above damages. Human Loss ,Loss to living things and loss to Nature could at very high level. 
Gujarat will get affected. Earth quake is a possibility.

Indonesia will get affected by heavy rain.

Karnataka will face zero or Minus degree chillness and human lives loss.
Continuous Heavy Rain shelling will shake Chennai in tamil Nadu in India.
Kalpakkam and Kudankulam will get badly affected.

Odisha State in India will be wiped out by flood.

Maharashtra State could face Heavy Damages due to Flood in Rivers and Sea and Thunder fall blast .

In Most of the countries Flood will affect in this period and result Huge Damages.

Flood in Thames River will wipe out more than 50% of London city is a possibility.

Air crash is a possibility. Rail accident could cause Huge Number of Human Lives loss. 

Earth quake in Andaman Island could be in Major level with very High destructions.

Regards and with Love.J.K.Sundararajan.

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