Tuesday, January 10, 2017

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Govt: Go online, cut delays in pension cases - support Pension Less Head of a Family!!

Govt: Go online, cut delays in pension cases -  support Pension Less Head of a Family!! is my view.

In service I have two Family Pension certificates issued by P F office on my resignations. 

Now on 2017 I reached 58 and I am eligible to submit this certificate to P F office for pension . Even This certificate can be surrendered after 50 years of age. but it will offer /allow me for a reduced pension. 
for information ,now senior people say that by submitting these certificates I am eligible for Rs.700 to Rs.1000. As a Human living in the present prevailing cost of living  ,you will not agree that it is enough and safe for   secured living.

Mr.Narendra Modi and Team of Ministers with a concurrence from President of India may please announce a Policy on the above briefed/explained issue to allow the survival of a family, please. 

"INCOME TAX FREE" India - I strongly recommend that Income Tax Free India can be announced at least for 2017 -2018 financial year!

Budget 2017: Here are a few areas where FM Jaitley can give you tax breaks 

The tax rates/slabs were last changed in the financial year 2014-15. The FM may enhance the same this year. Some changes in tax rates and slabs for an individual taxpayer below the age of 60 years may be as under: 


Expected Tax Rates!!!!!!!
 People in India Expecting "INCOME TAX FREE" India in the Budget 2017 on 1st Feb.2017.